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The Revolution in Thai Entertainment

We are a full service production and an entertainment company, the maker and creator of creative contents in multimedia of various forms including feature films, TV Dramas, Commercials, TV Programs, 3D Productions, Cartoons and CGI animation.  

Founded by Nirattisai Kaljareuk, son of Pradit Kaljareuk (the founder of Kantana Group & widely recognized in Thailand as one of the pioneer in Thai Entertainment) and his two sons, Kahabodee & Rareukrieuk Kaljareuk, Dramagic Group consists of 2 production companies, Dramagic and Pasang Yasorn Production.  

Because the father and son dream team utilizes the business model that stresses quality, sincerity, and honesty above all else, Dramagic's able to effortlessly gain the respect for its integrity from the entertainment industry elites and viewing publics alike in just a few short years.



From 2013-2017, four of the primetime action mini-series that Dramagic produced for Thailand's most watched ch. 7 have all ranked at the top of the rating, making Dramagic one of the fastest growing production company ever.  


Able to achieving such rating gold consecutively is a clear indication that Dramagic is fast becoming known not only for its integrity, but also its quality & its innovative productions.


What's our secret for success?


The  combination of the followings provides us with the unique Dramagic edge over other production companies in Thailand:

  • Nirattisai's expertise, industry connections & respects, together with 

  • his oldest son Kahabodee's efficient & effective management, and

  • his youngest son Rareukreuk's modern &  fresh new takes on             directing & production designs

  • The industry know-how & tricks of the trade passed on from father to son since the Golden Age of Kantana.   

All of the qualities mentioned above provide us with the ability to seamlessly integrate various forms of technology & media through the use of state of the art equipment, well-trained & seasoned technicians  to create multimedia products/productions  for you efficiently,  cost-effectively, on-time and to your fullest

satisfaction beyond your imagination, as if it's magic!